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At WeVote, we are driven by a singular mission:

To democratize discourse and empower voters. Our work revolves around creating a trusted, engaging digital space where voters and their representatives can engage in a meaningful dialogue about public policy. Here's an insight into the core areas of our work:


Developing a Secure Platform

Security is the cornerstone of WeVote. We are committed to developing a robust and secure platform where each user is verified as a legitimate voter. Our platform ensures the integrity of conversations by allowing only verified constituents to participate. We implement stringent data privacy practices to keep our users’ information secure and confidential.


Fostering Civil Discourse

We believe that civil discourse is the bedrock of a vibrant democracy. That’s why we have dedicated our work to creating well-moderated digital spaces where individuals can discuss, deliberate, and understand public policy issues. Our community guidelines and moderation policies are designed to foster respectful, constructive, and inclusive conversations.


Connecting Stakeholders

One of our primary goals is to bridge the gap between constituents and their elected representatives. We’ve created a platform that allows voters to directly engage with their representatives, facilitating a two-way dialogue that helps voters voice their concerns and representatives to understand the needs of their constituents.


Building Dedicated Policy Forums

We have designed online forums around every major public policy issue. These forums are platforms for deep dive discussions where users can explore the nuances of policies, understand different perspectives, and contribute to the discourse in a meaningful way.


Enhancing Trust in Democracy

Through our work, we aim to enhance the trust and approval of democratic systems by providing a transparent platform where policy-making is demystified and everyone has an equal voice. We believe in the power of informed voters and strive to make democracy more accessible and understandable for all.


Educating for Better Policy Making

WeVote is not just a platform for discussion, but a tool for education. We’re committed to providing comprehensive resources that help voters better understand the policy landscape, thereby enhancing the overall intelligence and understanding that contributes to policy making.


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