Legislative Forums

At the heart of WeVote is the desire to generate meaningful dialogue on public policy and legislative issues.

Our Legislative Forums are platforms designed to foster informed discussion on various topics that affect our lives and society. Here's what you need to know about these dynamic digital spaces:


Understanding Legislative Forums

Our Legislative Forums are online spaces dedicated to each major public policy issue. From healthcare to education, climate change to economic policies, we have a forum for every topic that matters. These forums allow voters and their representatives to engage in discussions, share their perspectives, and gain deeper insights into the issues at hand.


How They Work

Our Legislative Forums are uniquely organized around individual pieces of introduced legislation. This focused approach allows voters, representatives, and other stakeholders to have in-depth discussions about the implications of specific policies.


Engaging with Elected Representatives

In addition to discussions among voters, our forums also provide an opportunity for elected representatives to engage with their constituents. They can respond to concerns, explain their stance on issues, or provide updates on the policy-making process. This direct interaction facilitates greater understanding and trust between voters and their representatives.


Resources for Better Understanding

We understand that policy discussions can sometimes be complex and intimidating. That’s why our forums are not just about conversations but also about education. We provide resources, fact-checking tools, and expert insights to help users understand policy matters better.


Utilizing AI for an Enhanced Experience

One of our key AI functionalities is to transform complex legislative language into understandable, digestible content. Our AI tools parse through the intricate legal jargon of policy documents and translate them into simpler language. This not only helps users better comprehend the policies being discussed but also fosters more informed dialogue in the forums.


Be a Part of the Conversation

Join our Legislative Forums today and become part of the vital conversation around public policy. Express your views, listen to others, and let’s work together to enhance the democratic process.


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